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fredag 13 mars 2015

Loading data - two "new" co-workers!

CAnMove is currently building a large scale database where associated researchers can store data on animal movement. This database is a great opportunity to store all our precious data in a safe and structured way, to increase the visibility of the data and to make sure that it can be used and understood also by future scientists.

Mats has been working hard at building up the structure of the database, and it is now time to start loading it with data! Natalie Isaksson and Cecilia Nilsson have therefore been temporarily employed to help gather and format the data so that it can be stored in the database. Natalie and Cecilia have both previously been active in CAnMove, Natalie as a masters student working with lesser black-backed gulls foraging behavior and Cecilia as a PhD student working with nocturnally migrating passerines. Natalie will start working with light logger and orientation data and Cecilia will focus on radar and satellite data.
Cecilia and Natalie
They will also very soon compile an inventory of the data available in the program. This inventory will be a short description of the data available (e.g. method used, species, time period, contact person) that will be put up on the CAnMove webpage, to increase the visibility of the data and to encourage new collaborations. You will soon receive more information about this so that your data also can be added to our impressive list.

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