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måndag 23 november 2009

CAnMoves Susanne Åkesson wins an August

At the prize ceremony tonight (23 November) at the concert hall in Stockholm the 2009 August prize for facts books was awarded to Susanne Åkesson and Brutus Östling for their book "Surviving the Day". This book, which is about birds' senses and how birds use them, is written by CAnMoves co-ordinator Susanne and is beautifully illustrated by Brutus Östlings spectacular photos. There were 6 nominations for best facts book and this is the first time the August prize is awarded for natural sciences.
Congratulations Susanne!

måndag 9 november 2009

More plastics and seabirds

Hello all,
just wanted to tell you about a project working with the problems of plastics in the North Sea area, using Fulmars as indicator species (a relative to the Albatross). As you can see, pollution is also a very serious problem in the North Sea.Take a look at http://www.zeevogelgroep.nl/ (pictures and reports under downloads in left column) or http://www.savethenorthsea.com/fulmars the last one is a bit out of date but is of specific interest for Swedish people since it is on the Keep Sweden Tidy website.CheersJohannis Danielsen

måndag 2 november 2009

A sea of plastics

Dear All,

I cannot resist sending you the following link I have recently received from a colleague, Sören Svensson at the Department of Animal Ecology here in Lund. Please, see this as food of thought on how beautiful migrating animals are affected by human activities. A polluted sea is a fact and will cause severe damage to seabird populations. This is an example from one of the more remote islands in the world in the Hawaiian archipelago at Midway atoll. I am stuck with the questions –Why? What can be done and how??


Best wishes,