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måndag 22 april 2013

CAnMove conference at Bjärsjölagårds slott!

Two enthusiastic participants - Mikkel Brydegaard and Giuseppe Bianco.
Last week, CAnMove organized the third conference since the programme start in 2008, and the coordinator Susanne Åkesson, was delighted by the great response:
 - The meeting was very stimulating and demonstrated the great progress CAnMove scientists make in various fields, including e.g. nano-tracking of daphnia, optical insect and bird tracing, predicting bird distributions as climate change, and understanding aerodynamic theory for free-flying birds.

More than 40 CAnMovians joined the 1, 5-day-conference at Bjärsjölagårds slott, including the two science advisory board members Kerstin Johannesson and Christer Wiklund.

 No less than 11 interesting research presentations (Bengt Hansson to the left and Emily O'Connor above) and an overview of the latest advances of the CAnMove technical lab, were given during the conference. 

Throughout the conference we were blessed with good weather, and it was even possible to sit outside during breaks and discussions!
Christer Brönmark & Johan Bäckman
Sissel Sjöberg & Cecilia Nilsson
The old limstone quarry (close to the castle) with fossils dating from the Silurian period, attracted some enthusastic fossil hunters during one of the breaks.

Some seemed to enjoy the sun... (Christina Rengefors & Helena Westerdahl)
...while others were more focused on digging fossils. (Jonas Håkansson)
Anders Hedenström ended the first day with a summary of the programme's research progress after the 5 first years, and then all participated in discussions about how to advance CAnMove research the following 5 years. The PhD-group contributed with some valuable and viable ideas of how to make the PhDs more involved in the programme - some ideas which most likely will be picked up as we go ahead.

For those who were intresested, the staff arranged a tour of the castle (the castle dates back to the end of the 1500 century) on which no less than eight different ghosts were introduced!

Marco Klein Heerenbrink & Jonas Håkansson

As I forgot my camera, there are no pictures from the dinner and the subsequent lounge discussions, but they were nice!

The second day offered more research presentations along with a poster session. The conference ended after lunch, and then the bus headed back to Lund again!

Kerstin and Christer and parts of the PI-group stayed for a short afternoon meeting and more important feedback were given by the visiting SAB-members.

Thanks to everybody who participated and contributed!

torsdag 11 april 2013

New CAnMove co-workers

Last week two new members of the CAnMove family started their work. We are happy to welcome Mats Svensson and Christina Rengefors into the programme! Mats will be working full-time with database development and Christina will work 40% as a project assistant, together with Helena Osvath who also works 40%. Those of you who are coming to the CAnMove conference next week will get a chance to meet them there, other days they can be found in their offices on the third floor.