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onsdag 11 september 2013

Welcome to CAnMove breakfast

Welcome to CAnMove breakfast that will take Place on Friday 13th September, in fikarummet on the second floor at 08:30.
Celebration of the submission of the half-time evaluation report to the Swedish Research Council will take place. You are all most welcome!

fredag 6 september 2013

New paper on immunity in blue tits

MHC molecules are known to be central in adaptive immunity, and studies on parasite resistance and MHC in wild animals have found effects on both infection intensity (parasite load) and infection status (infected or not). In a recent study by Helena Westerdahl et al these two aspects were considered simultaneously with a frequent avian malaria infection in a natural population of blue tits - showing that blue tits that carry a specific MHC allele seem able to suppress the malaria infection intensity, while there was no evidence that this allele also had an effect on clearance of the malaria infection.

The study,  “MHC-I affects infection intensity but not infection status with a frequent avian malaria parasite in blue tits” is available online in  PLOS ONE.

torsdag 5 september 2013

LUMBO arrives to roof platform

The new CAnMove infrastructure LUMBO (Lund University Mobile Biosphere Observatory) designed for tracking insects and birds arrived to the Ecology Building today, where it is now installed at the roof platform.  The realization of the instrumentation is a concerted effort between physicists at LCC and Computer Control at Lund University and CAnMove biologists. Careful cranehandling facilitated placement on the roof where we assisted with logistics to set the new instrument in place. During summer LUMBO has been allocated to several research projects focusing on insects. Now it is time to develop the possibilities for remote sensing and tracking of birds.


Photo: Susanne Åkesson. Experienced driver Pelle from Akka frakt handled
the crane and LUMBO with care and precision.

tisdag 3 september 2013

Time to celebrate!

CAnMove has now submitted the half-time evaluaiton report to the Swedish Research Council for evaluation by the expert panel. The process of preparing the report has been very educational and we find great progress and high activity in this very dynamic research environment! I wish to express my gratitude to all personnel and scientists helping with the report writing, but also to all members who during the first five years have contributed to CAnMove by creating a highly dynamic and productive research environment. I hope to see continued high research output, but also new instrumentation and technology as well as the new database in use over the next years to come. Soon we also hope to see a text book on Animal Movement Across Scales on the shelfs in many research labs around the world. Keep animal movement research going!
Susanne Åkesson
Director CAnMove
PS. Celebration of the report submission will take place during the upcomign CAnMOve breakfast. You are All most Welcome!