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onsdag 11 mars 2015

ENRAM meeting in Israel attended by CAnMove staff

On February 24-25, Lars Pettersson and Johan Bäckman attended the third management committee meeting of ENRAM, this time held in Kfar Blum, Israel. ENRAM is a EU-COST action with the purpose of promoting continental-scale remote sensing of animal movements using European weather radar networks.

This event was combined with working group meetings, where Lars participated in the WG3 session on visualisation and Johan in the WG2 session which dealt with validation of weather radar data. We could also enjoy a range of very interesting talks by Israeli top researchers on animal movement. Yossi Leshem and Nir Sapir arranged an excellent meeting in a very comfortable and stimulating enironment. In one morning and one evening we visited the nearby nature reserve to view large number of wintering migratory birds. The most spectacular event was the large congregation of cranes; an estimated 35000 cranes are wintering in the area.

//Text and photo: Johan Bäckman

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