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onsdag 21 maj 2014

Sten K Johnson Foundation funds CAnMove E-book project

Newly established (2012) Sten K Johnson Foundation has decided to fund a planned CAnMove e-book entitled; "Butterfly wings, bat radar and sea
monsters - this is how and why the creatures move."The book is an aim to inspire and draw high school students to natural sciences, and animal tracking in particular.

We will receive 150.000 SEK at a ceremony at the Sten K Johnson Center at School of Economics and Management Lund University in June. We are of course honored and excited!

The e-book planning is going on right now. You might very well be the PhD student or post-doc that we will contact for partaking in the e-book. We want to share personal stories about science, being a researcher, scientific methods and technologies used for animal tracking.

We will also incorporate in the e-book, 1-minute films from the field/lab/wind tunnel that YOU provide! This is of course a call to action. You have the chance to give away cool events during field work to young people across Sweden that eventually will have the e-book in their computers in school.

Send your films to caroline.bolmeson@biol.lu.se.

Good luck!

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