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måndag 12 maj 2014

On the move!

Lars Råberg, Maria Strandh, Helena Westerdahl, Susanne Åkesson, Emily O'Connor, Arne Hegemann, Christina Rengefors, Karin Rengefors.

This Saturday the annual race "Lundaloppet", organized by IFK Lund, took place in the centre of Lund. Lundaloppet has grown increasingly popular and this year 6000 people had signed up. Also CAnMove broke the record by entering 13 keen participants under the slogan We CAn Move..!

The weather conditions was perfect for running – not too hot and sunny – and the atmosphere was enthusiastic and friendly.
Susanne Åkesson and Christina Rengefors who entered the competion for the first time were positively surprised by the enthusiasm around the event.
- It was fun to run! People was cheering along the route and you could hear music playing everywhere.

Christina, Susanne and Astrid

However, perfect running weather isn’t really perfect weather for outdoor lunching, so the planned CAnMove pic-nic for the participants was exchanged for an indoor CAnMove breakfast (for all CAnMovians) that will take place on May 23rd. Look out for the invitation!

Congratulations to all who participated and good luck next year!

Anders Kullberg and Christina
Giuseppe Bianco, Karin Rengefors, Anders Hedenström

//Helena Osvath
PHOTO: Sylvie Tesson

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