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fredag 9 maj 2014

Field film competition

CAnMove have earlier this year announced orally, that we have a film competition for the PhD students and post-docs that are out and about in field this season. Some of you are doing important work in the lab or wind tunnel - film it!

The prize:
The prize is yet a big secret, but we are pretty sure that you are going to like it.
This is what you have to do to compete:
Make a film of about 1 minute on your fieldwork. You can use a smart phone or more sophisticated gear, as long as the content is interesting/fun/exciting…
The best way to ensure great material, is to produce a lot of films and choose a few that you like. You can send as many films as you like to us!
We will probably have some kind of web-voting where all of you have a chance to vote for the top-3 films. When voting is over, we will announce the winner later this autumn.
All films sent to CAnMove can be used in the CAnMove blog and on our YouTube-channel to spread information and inspiration about science.
Send your films to:

Good luck!

Photo: CAnMove

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