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torsdag 25 juni 2009

Welcome to a new CAnMove Postdoc on partial migration in fish

"I am broadly interested in the question of why individuals of the same species vary in their behaviour and life-history. What ecologicalfactors drive the differences we observe in nature, and why isvariation between individuals maintained? During my Ph.D Iinvestigated the role of early experience in the phenotypicdevelopment of the guppy. I manipulated the early social and physicalenvironment of juveniles and assessed how this affected theirbehaviour and morphology as adults. At Lund University as part of theCAnMove project I will investigate the causes and consequences ofpartial migration in roach, asking why certain individuals make thedecision to migrate and others to stay. To do this I will carry outbehavioural trials in the field, analyse long-term data sets onmigratory patterns and potentially investigate a genetic basis formigratory tendency in this species."Best wishes, Ben

Very welcome to Ben Chapman who will work on partial migration in fish during his postdoc financed by CAnMove! Ben will work with Christer Brönmark and Lars-Anders Hansson and some other PIs during this postdoc in Lund.


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