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torsdag 25 juni 2009

Very welcome to a new CAnMove Postdoc on genetics of migration in willow warblers

Migratory birds are superb navigators. How do they find their way? My research is driven by my major interest in avian biology, particularly the phenomenon of bird migration, aiming to link phenotypic traits to their underlying molecular mechanisms.

How can migratory birds perceive directional information from the Earth's magnetic field and how do they process and integrate this information to use it for compass orientation during their migratory journeys? These were the main questions I focussed on during my PhD, combining experiments on the behavioural, molecular as well as cognitive level. As a Marie-Curie fellow, I extended this general integrative approach into a field situation, though in a different biological context, focussing on the evolutionary genetics of the timing of reproduction in wild bird populations. Here I moved from characterising the genetic variation of candidate genes through determining whether there are any associations with the phenotypes of the birds and the environments where these individuals live, to measuring the selective consequences of that genetic variation.

I am very much looking forward to working on the "Genetics of migration in willow warblers" at the CAnMove center in Lund, a project that transfers the framework and methodology I learned during my postdoctoral period into the field of bird migration that I worked on during my PhD time to which the evolutionary genetics and genomics approaches of the modern era just start getting applied to. /Miriam
Very welcome also to Miriam Liedvogel who will work as a postdoc on genetics of migration in willow warblers together with Staffan Bensch and Susanne Åkesson. We are all much looking forward to the arrival of all Postdocs this autumn and wish you all very welcome to Lund!

Have a nice summer!

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