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fredag 19 december 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear CAnMove Members,

we are approaching the ending of 2014, which has been a very active and successful year for the CAnMove program. Still we can enjoy temperatures above zero and some birds have still not left Sweden for wintering further south. In my garden the European robin sang side by side with the wren this morning.

We have passed the Swedish Research Council Midterm Evaluation of the program with continued funding and very good review and recommendation from the expert panel. We can now look forward with confidence and seek support for the longterm future ahead.

The database work is taking form thanks to Mats dedicated work and we are at the stage where we now very soon can fill the database with our varions tracking data, making comparative work and efficient handling of data as well as increasing the visibility as we have planned. Åke Lindström has further taking on the job to coordinate our interests in a planned national database iniative called SeIBER, where CAnMove will be part.

Our technical lab led by Johan and Arne is developing innovative microdataloggers, support projects on computer vision needs by Giuseppe and bioinformatics from Björn with great success. New technology has been implemented to track animal movements across scales and we have taken part in several new collaborative projects. Christina, Caroline and Helena all support us by coordinating communication, meetings and our web site. Peter and Anne help with financial matters. Thank You All for this excellent support and work! Thanks also to the old and new CAnMove Board for Your great support to the program in 2014.

Many research projects which have received funding from CAnMove is now paying off with new interesting data. At the upcoming conference in January, more detailed reports will be given from the projects so please remember to sign up for the conference.

We have further received funding for an information/ E-book project, which has started with excellent speed and engagement from our PhD students and postdocs as well as Aron our photographer. Caroline is doing an excellent job coordinating the project, which has resulted in a large bulk of text and school exercisers for students age 12-16. I am very excited to support the development of the project and see the outcome next year.

I look forward to be part of and stimulate new scientific endevours resulting from the enormous creativity, interactions and engagement among members within and outside CAnMove.

Thank You all for your work and contributions to CAnMove in 2014!

I wish you all a relaxed Christmas Holiday and a successful New Year! See you back in 2015!


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