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onsdag 15 oktober 2014

Minisymposium 6 nov: “Genomics and adaptations in diverging populations” and Thesis defence 7th of November

Thursday 6 November 2014 

Location: Red lecture hall, Ecology Building 
14: 00-14: 30 Allison Shultz, Harvard University, USA 
Phylogeography and genomic signatures of pathogen-mediated selection using genome-wide diachronic comparisons in the House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus) 
14: 40-15: 10 CAnMove seminar by Kristen Ruegg, University of California, Santa Cruz & Los Angeles. Lessons from population genomics on the Causes and Consequences of migratory connectivity 
15: 20-15: 40 Coffee 
15: 40-16: 10 Bill Cresco, University of Oregon, USA 
Deep genome architecture influences Recent three pine Stickleback evolution 
16: 20-16: 50 Kerstin Johannesson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 
Parallel evolution of snail phenotypes - To What Extent Does molecular evolution repeat itself? 

Friday 7 November 2014 

Location: Blue Lecture Hall, Ecology Building 
09: 30-12: 00 Thesis defense by Max Lundberg, opponent Bill Cresco 
Genomic analyzes of migratory divides in the willow warbler

Photo: Andreas Trepte

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