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fredag 10 oktober 2014

Introduction Course for Using Databases , 3 – 7 of November 2014

Geneco will together with CAnMove and PlantLink give a one-week introduction using databases for data mining and storage on 3-7 of November. While the databases can store many different types of data, the examples will be focused on genomics and transcriptomics data and how to efficiently combine results from such large datasets.


No previous knowledge of databases is required, but a basic understanding of genomics and/or transcriptomics data is preferable.


The week will cover lectures in the morning followed by exercises and will cover the following topics:

1. Introduction to the course book.

2. Relational databases and simple queries (SQL).

3. Introduction to biological databases

4. Creating and populating your own database

5. Advanced SQL queries

6. Database design


Possibly we will finish there course by discussing how to create databases for individual projects.

The course will be held at Lund University, Ecology Building.



Sign up for the course by emailing me: dag.ahren@biol.lu.se


Deadline for applying to the course is 20 October.

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