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onsdag 27 augusti 2014

Sten K Johnson Price Ceremony

Let´s go back a few months, just before vacation.

The 17th of June, Susanne Åkesson recieved a project stipend from Sten K Johnson Foundation in a ceremony at Lund University Ekonomihögskola.

The prize money is funding the E-book project currently produced in CanMove. The E-book,  "Butterfly wings, bat radar and sea monsters - this is how the creatures move" will be a informative and inspirational book for high school students in Sweden -  a narrative about our PhD students and post-docs and the scientific work we do in CanMove. It is estimated to be finished by spring 2015.

 In the company of 60 other stipend winners, you may find Susanne as person nr. 9 from the right, front row.

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