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onsdag 27 augusti 2014

PhD student Kajsa Warfvinge spoke at Malmöfestivalen

Insect aerodynamics PhD student Kajsa Warfvinge was the first person on stage to give a talk on the Street Science event at Malmöfestivalen Tuesday the 19th of August.

The event was launched this year by Lund University, and proved to attract the interest from passing people as well as collegues and friends of the speakers.

Nine researchers had a chance to talk about what they really do for five short minutes each.

Kajsa´s talk was entitled "Disco-smoke and lasers reveal how insects fly", in which she addressed questions in insect aerodynamics. Nellie Linander from Functional Zoology, followed and complemented Kajsa´s talk by speaking about the bumble bee steering system.

Very well done, Kajsa!

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