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måndag 19 november 2012

CAnMove book camp

Helena, Miriam and Åke
The lead authors of the CAnMove book “Animal Movement Across Scales” recently met at nearby “Gården” providing a cosy and friendly atmosphere for the book camp. 

Lars-Anders Hansson led the program extending over two days which involved creative discussions, brainstorming and discussions on cross-referencing covering the topics of all different book chapters.

Version #1 of the book was at the table and the mission of the book camp was to find connections between chapters and to update contents of each chapter and thus help the authors to move the book to a final stage to be available for review early next year.

Ben, Johan and Glenn
We hope to produce a book of interest for advanced students and interested scientists in the field covering basic theory and understanding, but also high-lighting exciting new findings. Topics like, effects of climate change on movements were discussed as well as spread of diseases by migrating animals, adaptations related to locomotion and navigation, genetics of migration and migration patterns. 

The locomotion expertise; Anders and Christoffer

The book camp was a very successful step in this process and gave the participants an excellent chance to interact with the other scientists in the program. 


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