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fredag 23 november 2012

All systems go!

We are approaching 10 years of studying the mass migration of freshwater fishes from Lake Krankesjön into the connecting streams! Nearly time for some kind of party…
The old antenna system has served us well, but recent support from CAnMove and Fysiografen has enabled us to modernise. To study fish migration we use passive telemetry, collecting data on the movements of tagged individuals with continuously operating antenna stations in every stream. Last year we installed a brand new and upgraded system, which required a new database to handle the millions of data points generated by the seasonal movements of mostly cyprinid fishes. We hosted Dr. Henrik Baktoft of the Danish Technical University, who, along with CAnMove’s Johan Bäckman, built a custom-made database to hold old data and process new information gathered by the system.

Fysiografen also funded the project 170 ksek to modernise the system further. We will install solar panels at the remote antenna stations so that our migration research will have a self-supporting energy supply. In addition we will install technology that allow us to send the data from our study site straight to Lund via mobile phone satellites and into the database on a daily basis. This will save us time and also make the project a great deal more environmentally friendly!
Our aim is to have (almost) real time data from the fish migration available on the CAnMove webpage, so that fellow migration enthusiasts can follow the fish as they migrate. This advanced and upgraded system will also support us in our current projects, which include investigating sex differences in migratory behavior, experimentally manipulating predation risk to assess migratory plasticity, evaluating the impact of pollutants upon migration and searching for the mechanisms of navigating during migration. It will also help us develop a longer-term project, which aims to quantify some of the costs and benefits associated with migratory versus resident strategies. The future is bright! Thanks to CAnMove and Fysiografen for their support!

//Kaj, Ben, Christer B & Lars-Anders

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