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onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Version #1 of The Book now ready!

One of our main aims when CAnMove was launched was to produce a book on Animal Movement Across Scales. We have now worked with the book project during 2012 and, as you see on the photo, Version #1 is now finished. 
In this version all authors (about 40 persons!) have displayed a draft text of their chapter. This draft will serve as a basis for a lead-author meeting 12-13 Nov, where we will “make 14 chapters transform into a book”. In January 2013 the next version will be ready and that will be sent for review. After revision and editing of all chapters the final version will be handed over to the publisher which we have contract with (Oxford University Press). The book will then be on the shelf in renowned book stores in May 2014. 

//Lars-Anders Hansson

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