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tisdag 30 oktober 2012

Newsletter CAnMove Autumn 2012

The autumn migration season is coming to an end and we are currently observing redwings and buzzards arriving late from the north heading for wintering sites to the south. Herring gulls and eider ducks are also moving south along the Swedish coasts. It is time to prepare for the winter.
I have with great joy noted that the stream of publications from the CAnMove program is stronger than ever, and many PhD Theses have been defended by students associated with CAnMove. The PhDs are ending their studies in the most excellent way, entering the next stage of their career. Congratulations to the many impressive PhD Thesis, interesting discussions and stimulating seminars which has taken place in association with the Thesis defenses! On the behalf of CAnMove I wish you all good luck with future careers!
CAnMove members are currently strongly involved in the production of the planned text book Animal Movements Across Scales to be published by Oxford University Press. Lars-Anders Hansson is leading the work with energy and strong engagement, making sure the time line is kept. Thanks for this Lasse! We are looking forward to stimulating interactions between scientists which will be a synergetic bi-product of the work. The book will we hope reach the sales desks in 2014.
CAnMove members have invited scientists from the Linnaeus program LCCC (Lund Centre for Control of Complex Engineering Systems; coordinator: Anders Rantzer, Anders Robertsson and co-workers), at LTH to a joint seminar with LCCC. The meeting is open to all interested and the invited scientists will present their work and will occur 15 November 13.30-16.00 at the Ecology Building. All interested are most welcome to join and discuss cross-disciplinary work and technological applications to biological movement research. Please, check CAnMove web page for location and detailed program.
Johan Bäckman and Susanne Åkesson will visit WRAM at Umeå University during end of November to discuss how we may interact and use combined efforts in database work associated with our actions as one of the nodes in LifeWatch Sweden.
The CAnMove program has entered the stage during which we are preparing ourselves for the mid evaluation taking place in 2013 by the Swedish Research Council. A financial evaluation is currently taking place within Lund University. The coming year we will prepare ourselves for the evaluations, and we will ask scientists and students associated with the program to contribute to the evaluation. I am convinced we will make a strong case when presenting our joint achievements, and when reviewing our work I am amazed by the number of activities and new findings that have been generated with support from CAnMove. I feel privileged and proud to represent the program as a coordinator and I look forward to work with preparations of the evaluation with you!
During the coming months the Steering committee will revise the action plan, as well as communication and equality plans for 2013. We welcome input and suggestions from CAnMove members, and please feel free to approach me or other members of the steering committee so that we can take suggestions under considerations with the benefit of the program.

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