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onsdag 27 juni 2012

Sign up for the symposium!

This summer CAnMove will host a symposium in the "Behavioural Ecology of Animal Movement" at Lund University on August 18th. The symposium will follow the ISBE meeting in Lund and will reflect upon the synergies between the two disciplines of behavoural ecology and movement ecology. We have 6 plenary speakers from around the globe who will present talks on a variety of topics, from the role of personality in animal movement to the psychology of movement to the mechanisms of navigation. It will be a really fascinating day and you are all welcome to join in the discussions and see the talks! There is also the opportunity to present your own work at our poster session and join for a symposium dinner that evening.
For more information and registration see here: http://canmove.lu.se/node/814
We plan to submit a meeting report to Animal Migration (http://versita.com/am/).  Animal Migration is a new, international journal that publishes cutting-edge research on the biology of migratory species.  The editor of the journal, Melissa Bowlin (a CAnMove alumnus), invites symposia participants to submit additional manuscripts to the journal.  Animal Migration publishes research articles, brief communications, reviews, and commentaries on all migratory species and all aspects of migration biology, from genetics and physiology to ecosystem-level interactions between migrants and their environment.  

Have a great summer and we hope to see you there !

Ben, Susanne, Miriam and Rachel

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