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tisdag 26 juni 2012

Newsletter CAnMove Summer 2012-06-26

Dear CAnMovians,
It is hard to believe today with this weather, but we are approaching the summer holidays and field work period might soon end for those of you studying migration. It will be a very useful break from normal office and lab routines before the teaching and office work starts again. Others are lucky to spend the summer in the field, collecting data on movements and migration in various organisms.
It has been a very active spring in the CAnMove program and for instance we have had many more PhD students defending their PhD Thesis at the department than we have had in a long time. We have had many inspiring seminars and meetings, including the spring BBQ event which was excellently organized by Cecilia, Christoffer, Sylvie and Helena. Thank you all for fun games and socializing BBQ!
I am happy to welcome Emily O’Connor as a new CAnMove postdoc working with Helena Westerdahl, Dennis Hasselquist and Jan-Åke Nilsson. I also wish to thank Brianne Addison for her hard work as a CAnMove postdoc, good luck with your future job in Australia!  
This spring CAnMove has decided to fund four new research projects, directed to energetic of flight, nano-tracking of daphnia, optical remote bird and insect detection and genetics of morphological traits in a bird migrant. I hope this will result in many new insights and exciting results which will be shared and new for the program!
Autumn 2012 will be dedicated to the production of a text book for Oxford University Press, covering the research topics of CAnMove. This has been in the plan from the program start and will now be realized. Working title is: “Animal movement across scales”. Lars-Anders Hansson is coordinating the work with the book and we hope to meet a public of undergraduate students and interested PhD students. One mission is to use the book as literature at our own courses in the future.  
We are approaching the time of evaluations and will have an internal financial evaluation of the program at Lund University this autumn, and next year the half-time evaluation from the Swedish Research Council will take place. In due time you will one way or the other be approached to contribute to these two evaluations.
I hope many of you will be signing up for a field blog and wish to share your experiences from your research experiences within the program this summer and autumn period. It is very inspiring for young students and interested people to hear more about the life of a scientist and PhD student. Please, remember how you were inspired as a kid and share your knowledge widely!
Please, do not forget to sign up for the workshop on Behavioural Ecology of Animal Movement in August – form at CAnMove web-page!
At last three final messages:
Take care of yourselves and your family!
Do something unexpected and fun!
Have a great summer!
Photo: Esben Rasmussen
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