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torsdag 10 maj 2012

Are you of good standing?

Tomorrow we will find out. We are very happy that Carla Cederbaum, Assistant Research Professor in Mathematics from Duke University, NC, will host a workshop on how to be of good standing - especially as a woman in science.

As scientists, we are people interested in science. We want to learn new facts, new trends, new ideas, and new methods from other scientists. We concentrate on the science. The facts, the data, the quality, and convincingness of arguments, that is all that matters. But is this really true? (How) does physical appearance and emotional state have an impact on how we are perceived and who listens to us?

In this workshop, we will get a feeling for what impressions we - as female scientists and as individuals - make on others when giving scientific presentations. We will experiment with possible changes of body language, gestures, mimics, slides, timing, and usage of our voice in a safe environment and without the pressure of a conference or job interview. We will also discuss strategies to deal with nervousness and perfectionism.

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