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lördag 21 april 2012

CAnMove Collaborators elevated to FRSes

In Great Britain being elected an FRS (Fellow of the Royal Society) is considered as one of the finest recognitions of scientific excellence. Two long-term collaborators with CanMove Scientists have now received this distinction, namely Professors Alasdair I Houston and John McNamara. John lectured at the PhD course in Animal Migration as late as last October (2011), and Alasdair has lectured on Theoretical Ecology in Lund, as well as having acted as faculty opponent during theses defense. The Royal Society gave the following motivation for electing John and Alasdair:

"Houston, together with McNamara, pioneered, developed and formalized the dynamic optimization approach to behavioural ecology, and has applied it widely, generating fundamental insights. Currently the gold standard for modelling state/time dependency in animal behaviour from the perspective of the selective forces that act in nature, their approach uses stochastic dynamic programming to find the strategies that maximise inclusive fitness. Their work is now an obligate reference in domains as far apart as temporal organization of daily routines, sexual selection, migration, risk sensitivity, dynamic games, and fat levels. Behavioural ecology would not have its present form without their outstanding contribution. "

We congratulate them both and look forward to future interaction and collaboration!

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