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fredag 14 oktober 2011

Moonwatching high

The last two evenings/nights Susanne and I have watched migrating birds against the face of the moon. The weather has been clear and with moderate winds aloft. We recorded the position of entry and exit on the moon's surface, imaging the moon is a clock. On Wednesday we observed 62 birds during one hour, and yesterday (Thursday) we noted 28 birds/hour. The directions were quite consistent towards the SW, and the observations suggest there was quite heavy migration traffic. We could hear scattered calls from redwings (Turdus lilacus) and robins (Erithacus rubecula), and last night also a flock of barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis) was heard migrating. The moon will still be bright for a few more nights, and we challenge everybody to beat our current record of seeing 62 birds during one hour!

Anders Hedenström

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