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fredag 21 oktober 2011

Locomotion studies at migration course

The international PhD-course on migration ecology is currently taking place at Lund. Nearly 40 students are attending from a great number of countries. After introductory lectures and presentations by the students themselves, the course now entered the lecture curriculum of a first day of Locomotion. Colin
Pennycuick lectures about migration performance calculations, Anders Hedenström on approaches for studying animal flight, Florian Muijres on fluid dynamics of flying/swimming, and Christoffer Johansson about animal swimming. The afternoon was devoted to a practical, where flight related m
orphology was measured for a number of (dead) birds, and then data then used to calculate characteristic performance measures about migration by using the software "Flight" that Colin Pennycuick has developed. The pictures show Colin Pennycuick advising students at the course, and the "published" results on the white board (to the right).

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