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torsdag 21 april 2011

Mini-symposium on Animal Flight next week

In accordance with the dissertation of Florian Muijres on 28 April, CanMove will organize a mini-symposium on “Animal Flight” that will be held the next day Friday 29 April at 14.00h in Vitmossan (Tundran):

 Mini-symposium on Animal Flight

Friday 29 April at 14.00–16.30h
Vitmossan, Ecology building
 Biofluiddynamics of flight as an inspiration for design
David Lentink, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

On the equivalent of a flying brick
Aerodynamics of beetle flight
Sophia Engel, Lund University

Flight muscles
(exact title will follow later)
Tom Daniel, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

You are all very welcome!

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