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torsdag 21 april 2011

CAnMove Symposium on Insect Flight

Our series of CAnMove symposia continues! Take a note in your calendars for the 29-30th August 2011. These two days will be packed with exciting talks about one of the most successful groups of animals – insects!

Insects are model organisms for pretty much everything in biological research and therefore offer themselves to our current initiative to foster an integrated approach to the study of flight behavior.

Animal flight links a series of fundamental processes within both the physical and biological sciences: aerodynamics and biomechanics, physiological ecology, functional morphology, and evolutionary ecology, to name just a few. Therefore, our programme will cover a wide array of topics, and a number of experts in their fields have already committed to present their research - have a look at our (preliminary) programme that can be found here.

The symposium will be held in the Ecology Building. We very much welcome all people fascinated by the topic of insect flight and all CAnMove members to participate. We particularly encourage Ph.D. students to present and discuss their work with a talk or a poster presentation - there will be ample opportunity for interaction and general discussion with all participants.

Registration: Attendance of the symposium is free, if you want to attend, please register here. The deadline for applications is July 15th.

Further information can be found on the
CAnMove page, this page will be regularly updated.

We are looking forward to an exciting meeting, welcome!

Sophia, Anders and Erik

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