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onsdag 5 november 2014

Re-launch of Action Group

Today we re-launched the CAnMove Geolocator Action Group! We were an enthusiastic group of 9 CAnMovians, with diverse interests in geolocators/ light-loggers. Our group included people studying swifts, nightjars, great reed-warblers, geese, lapwings, guillemots, great snipes, golden plovers, ... .

Today's meeting was to discuss how we will use the Action Group. Our main decisions were to have a monthly meeting, and to form an email list. Possible themes for future meetings are likely to include, methods to analyse geolocator data, the use of new sensors (accelerometers, wet-dry, etc), and optimal attachment methods for different species.

The email list will be used both to announce upcoming meetings, but also more as a forum where we can share new papers, and ask questions (e.g. 'has anyone used the R package X before?', 'What device would you recommend for use on species Y?')

Our next meeting is to be at either the end of November or beginning of December. This is likely to include both an introduction from one of the companies producing light-loggers (Biotrack), and a short presentation from Tom about how he has been analysing geolocator data for guillemots.

If you would like to join the email list, please email/ talk to Tom Evans.


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