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tisdag 9 september 2014

New CAnMove Board

I wish to thank the CAnMove members who now step back form serving CAnMove in the board, Staffan Bensch, Lars-Anders Hansson and Dennis Hasselquist. Thanks for your most valuable and appreciated contributions to the CAnMove program and for supportive years with CAnMove activities.

As new members in I wish to welcome Christer Brönmark and Bengt Hansson, both PIs in CAnMove and with research interests in partial migration in fish and population dynamics and in landscape genetics, inbreeding and dispersal among other topics.

Thanks and Very welcome!

I look forward to work with the new CAnMove Board as we step in to a most important period in CAnMove where we will dedicate time to look into the future and to create long-lasting platforms and actions of value for many members.

Warm wishes,

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