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tisdag 3 juni 2014

Film competition prize revealed!

PhD students and post-docs in CAnMove have earlier been urged to make 1-minute films of research situations. Today we reveal the prize for best film!

The prize:
A high-definition action camera GoPro Hero, latest model is 4, and is out this summer. The GoPro has amazing HD-image quality and comes with a ton of features. Basically, you go on a real ride with the camera strapped to your helmet/body, film/photograph your adventure and share it immediately to social medias.

Go to GoPro´s webpage and become inspired!

This is what you have to do to compete:
Make a film of about 1 minute of your fieldwork. You can use a smart phone or more sophisticated gear, as long as the content is interesting/fun/exciting…There is a possibility to borrow a small Panasonic Full HD-camera from Christina Rengefors´ office (3rd floor, room B364).
The best way to ensure great material, is to produce a lot of films and choose a few that you like. You can send as many films as you like to us! We encourage you not to feel pressured into doing something too ambitious. Have faith that your films are good enough.
We will probably have some kind of web-voting where all of you have a chance to vote for the top-3 films. When voting is over, we will announce the winner later this autumn.
All films sent to CAnMove can be used in the CAnMove blog and on our YouTube-channel to spread information and inspiration about science.
Send your films to:

Good luck!

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