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onsdag 26 mars 2014

LUMBO meeting

LUMBO at field campaign in 2013. 
At the recent LUMBO action group meeting scientists and PhD students attended from three different Linnaeus programs at Lund University (CAnMove, LLC and LCCC). CAnMove members Susanne Åkesson and Mikkel Brydegaard (LCC, CAnMove) organized the meeting with the mission to formalize the plans for the coming year’s development tasks and field campaigns, but also to share experiences taken from the initial year 2013. LUMBO, Lund University Mobile Biosphere Observatory, is currently docked on the roof of the Ecology Building, but will leave this location in late May for a number of field campaigns dedicated to insect research throughout the summer. The LUMBO is part of a national infrastructure initiative SILORS, which is coordinated at Combustion Physics at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Lund University.
At the meeting the ca 20 participants covered topics from robotic control of telescopes, data processing, national and international LIDAR initiatives and biological research projects on parasite-host interactions, biodiversity, animal migration and pollinators in the agricultural landscape. Next meeting will be held in autumn 2014.
LCC - Lund Laser centre
LCCC - Lund Center for Control of Complex Engineering Systems

Swedish Infrastructure for Laser-Optical Remote Sensing (SILORS)

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