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torsdag 9 januari 2014

The CAnMove book now submitted to OUP

Our joint book on "Animal Movement Across Scales" has now safely landed at the ftp server of Oxford University Press (OUP) more than 3 days before deadline! The work with the book has indeed been an interesting journey and I would like to thank all authors for hard work. The manuscript text is 333 pages (single spaced) and we have 71 figures, so it will be quite a volume to carry home from the library or the book store. We can expect the book to reach these places in about 8 months, i.e. late summer or in the beginning of fall 2014. Before that, OUP will layout figures and text and we can expect to receive proofs of each chapter in early spring. So, one of CAnMove’s main aims and deliverables, beside great research that you all do, is now safely reached. /L-A

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