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måndag 4 november 2013

Ecology of Animal Migration course 2013

 On Friday 35 students studying in 13 different countries (and more nationalities!) completed the two-week CAnMove organised 'Ecology of Animal Migration Course'.
The course began with students giving short presentations of their own work. It was fantastic to see the diversity of topics covered, and the great enthusiasm for studies of animal migration!
Students then attended lectures and classes on many different topics including genetics of migration, conservation, locomotion, and many more. We were very happy to welcome back to Lund guest lecturers; Jason Chapman,  Colin Pennycuick, John McNamara, Thord Fransson, Raymond Klaassen, Miriam Liedvogel, Tim Guilford, Theunis Piersma, and Brendan Godley. Plus three new faces, Navinder Singh, Wolfgang Goymann, and Sonia Altizer, with Sonia making the first 'virtual' appearance, giving her lecture very effectively by video link.

It wasn't all in the lecture theatre though, with students enjoying excursions to Falsterbo bird observatory, and the University field station at Stensoffa. Plus Colin Pennycuick gave his very popular flight lab.
Thursday saw the course dinner, where we enjoyed a buffet at Finn Inn, followed by most of us walking down to 'Café Ariman', adopted as the course bar!
Thanks to the course organisers and others assisting with the course (including coffee making!); Rachel Muheim, Anders Hedenström, Christina Rengefors, Nataliia Kulatska, Helena Osvath, Cecilia Nilsson, Kozue Shiomi, Yannis Vardanis, Mihaela Ilieva, and Marco Klein Heerenbrink.

//Tom Evans

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