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måndag 13 maj 2013

Thanks and welcome!

Dr. Holk Cruse
We are very happy to welcome a new member to the CAnMove Science Advisory Board Dr. Holk Cruse at Bielefeld University and at the same time we wish to express our sincere gratitude to Prof. Rüdiger Wehner at Zürich University, who served in this board during the initial period of the CAnMove program. We are grateful to Prof. Rüdiger Wehner for important input and suggestions to research priorities and organisation of CAnmove and look forward to future interactions.
Dr. Holk Cruse in his research investigates how brains control behavior and in particular how brains control complex movements. Holk has studied the neuronal control of walking in multi-legged animals, insects and crustaceans. He is using a combination of behavioural studies including walking on various substrates and simulation studies on the basis of artificial neural networks. We are looking forward to future interactions with Dr Holk Cruse within the CAnMove program.
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Susanne and CAnMove Steering committee

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