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onsdag 19 december 2012

CAnMove Newsletter Winter 2012

The winter has now come to the south of Sweden first with white fluffy snow, but thereafter with rain and grey weather.  Christmas is approaching and there has been an intense period for CAnMove personnel and members preparing for a winter break and Christmas celebration. I wish to thank all for their efforts and enthusiasm for the program progress!

I am very happy to announce some of the recent progress within CAnMove:

1)      We successfully received a grant from the Swedish Research Council dedicated to large database developments. I wish to thank all persons assisting me in preparing the application which was granted by the Swedish Research Council. Thanks to Johan Bäckman, Thomas Alerstam, Anders Hedenström and Ulf Gärdenfors from LifeWatch Sweden! The position as a database developer is now open and we welcome dedicated and interested applicants to this exciting and central work for CAnMove. The plan is to recruit one qualified person starting early next year.

2)      Johan Bäckman and SÅ have visited WRAM in Umeå, another database project dedicated to spatial telemetry data and remote sensory data for wildlife tracking. We will be cooperating on developing database efforts and on web-based solutions for communication of tracking data to LifeWatch Sweden. The meeting with Holger Detki, Per Ericsson and co-workers in SLU, Umeå was a great success and very inspirational. We look forward to future cooperation between CAnMove and WRAM.

3)      We are grateful to Rachel Muheim who has initiated the equality work at CAnMove and who is not stepping down from the duty to let Maren Wellenreuter and Åke Lindström lead the activities during the coming period starting with new activities in 2013. Thanks Rachel and very welcome to the job Maren and Åke, and we are looking forward to your enthusiastic work and efforts!

4)      Tom Evans with supporters are starting with a book club for CAnMove in 2013, inviting participants to read literature across species, topic and scale. Please, join the discussions which will be announced early next year.

5)      The PhD student course on the Ecology of Animal Migration will be given again to 1 November 2013. Anders Hedenström and Rachel Muheim with support from Jannika Boström will organize the course. Please, spread the word to interested PhD student across the world! You may sign up for the course at the web page.

6)      Helena Osvath will continue to work with CAnMove, but at a reduced level in 2013. We are grateful for her decision to stay with us for the coming period and dedicate her time to the upcoming evaluation.

7)      Please, do not forget to sign up for the dispersal symposium organized by Sylvie Tesson. Information at our home page.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I am looking forward to see you back in Lund after the Winter Holidays!


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