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fredag 28 september 2012

Symposium on Dispersal in Lund!

On January 30th - February 1st, 2013 CAnMove and BECC will co-host a symposium - "the Causes and Consequences of Organism Dispersal", arranged by CAnMove postdoc Sylvie Tesson.
The aim of the symposium is to gather people from a range of empirical and theoretical backgrounds to share and discuss ideas on the causes and consequences of organism dispersal. Eight research scientists from Europe and Canada, involved in different scientific domains (ecology, physiology, behavior studies, tracing devices, prediction and conservation), have confirmed their participation.

The registration to the symposium is free of charge, and participants are encouraged to attend or bring posters to share their work during the symposium. We hope to see many of you there!

Preliminary program and registration to the symposium are available here!

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