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fredag 16 mars 2012

Release party!

Congratulations Lasse and Christer!
“Life as we know it started as a chemical reaction, the synthesis of amino acids in the primordial soup, and ever since then chemistry has been involved in all aspects of life on our planet” is the first line of the newly printed book “Chemical ecology in aquatic systems” edited by Christer Brönmark and Lars-Anders Hansson.
The book covers a wide range of studies and includes both marine and freshwater systems, and aims at graduate students and professional researchers in a diverse range of fields. 

To celebrate the book release, the whole department was invited to an afternoon party at the Limnology lunch room this Friday! Refreshments were offered along with the opportunity to buy a signed copy of the book. The party was well attended and more guests arrived as I was leaving early.

For the CAnMovian, there are some chapters of special interest,  dealing with chemical cues and migration.  For example, Ole B Stabell’s “Migration and navigation” which is about salmonid fish that locate their natal stream with chemical cues after spending years in the ocean, and the chapter “The use of chemical cues in habitat recognition and settlement” dealing with how larvae and juveniles locate the appropriate habitat to settle in.

Cheers, and have a nice weekend!

/Helena Osvath

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