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söndag 29 januari 2012

CAnMove on ice

The last few days the lakes of Skåne have frozen to allow ice-skating, and for the keen CAnMove co-ordinator Susanne Åkesson and development engineer Arne Andersson this is an opportunity that cannot be missed. On the photo they can bee seen skating leisurely in tailwind along the south shore of Krankesjön, some 20 km east of Lund, both outfitted in smart long-distance skates of top-brand. They could experience the real effect of wind, as they had to go back along the north shore of the lake in a moderate head-wind to make the roundtrip, which caused them to reflect about how winds affect migratory birds. Another analogy between skating and bird flight is the relative ease by which humans can traverse distance on skates at a relatively low cost, as compared with for example walking/running, crawling or swimming. The analogy is with the lift to drag ratio of flight, a measure on the efficiency of locomotion, which the ice-skating CAnmOve reps out on the ice felt as relatively high. The ice was perfect today (see picture), and hopefully it will remain so for some more time.

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