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tisdag 6 december 2011

CAnMove Conference in Falsterbo

Today, about thirty PhD students, post docs, senior researchers and administrative staff participate in the second CAnMove Conference, since the start in 2008. At the last conference three members of our Scientific Advisory Board joined us, and this time we have the pleasure to see the two new members, Steven Reppert and Marilyn Ramenofsky, here.

Steven Reppert is professor of neuroscience and founding chair of the department of neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Marilyn Ramenofsky is adjunct professor at the department of neurobiology, physiology and behavior at the University of California.

Marilyn Ramenofsky gave us a small glimps of her work

Today we have heard Anna Runemark talk about the Lidar and spectroscopy of damselflies, Christoffer Johansson has tought us about the wing difference between insects, birds and bats and Marilyn Ramenofsky told us about her research on regulation of endocrine, metabolic and behavioural systems in migratory birds

Anders Hedenström and Steven Reppert discuss the possibility of letting butterflies fly in the wind tunnel

After some coffee Max Lundberg and Keith Larson talked about the willow warbler where the subspecies migrate to different areas in Africa and then it was time for some fantastic lunch!

After this energy boost we continued the conference by listening to Catherine Davey that informed us about how the climate change affect the Swedish birds. Anders Hedenström told us about the swift "Argus argus" flight and then Cecilia Nilsson let us know more about how migration speed in passerines differ between spring and autumn migration.

Interested audience at the beautiful conference hall in Falsterbo

Susanne Åkesson then ended the todays talks by informing us about CAnMove and our goals.

Now we´re having some brainstorming groups, discussing the CAnMove future and tonight we will have some more fantastic food and then a good nights sleep.Tomorrow we will listen to new interesting talks and have more interactive discussion about movement and CAnMove!

Susanne Åkesson told us more about CAnMove

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