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lördag 27 augusti 2011

Welcome to CAnMove activities

Very welcome back after the summer break and field work! I hope your summer was relaxing and enjoyable.

There are a number of upcoming CAnMove activities that I hope will interest you all. Please, make sure to sign up for the meetings and workshops that are planned, and do not miss the new Moon watching project and associated events! More information is available at our home page.

This is the list to remember:

1. Symposium on “Insect flight” including CAnMove BBQ, 29-30 August.

2. New “Moon watch” project is initiated and celebrated with a social event and associated technology information (LIDAR show at the Physics Department). We will meet at the Ecology Roof 9 September at 19.30h, visit the LIDAR lab at the Physics Department and then return to the Ecology Building roof to observe nocturnal bird migration and socialize. “Varmkorv etc” and drinks will be served. All CAnMovians are Welcome!!

3. BECC/CAnMove symposium “Beyond the Climate Envelope”, 10-12 October.

4. Migration course for PhD students will start 18 October and run for 12 days. You are all welcome to visit lectures at the course.

All the best!


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