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måndag 9 maj 2011

CAnMove joined Lundaloppet

 CAnMove joined Lund´s city race "Lundaloppet" May 9 with two teams (five persons in each team). We started the day by having lunch in the sun at "Stadsparken" and after some talk about tactic etc we went to the starting point. All members of the two teams ran in the 10 km class and all finished the race within an hour.

Congratulations to our new CAnMove member Gerit Pfuhl that ran really fast and came on 7th place of 566 women running in the 10 km class and thanks to all CAnMovians that signed up for the teams and made Lundaloppet to a new CAnMove tradition!

Sandra Chiriac, Miriam Liedvogel, Max Lundberg, Staffan Bensch, Maria Eng-Johnsson, Keith Larson and Sieglinde Kundisch. In the photo we´re missing Gerit Pfuhl, Tom Evans and Erica Eng.

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