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torsdag 26 augusti 2010

News from bat research conference, Prague

The 15th International Bat Research Conference, held in Prague 23-27 August, is coming to an end. CAnMove has been represented by four persons, all of who have made presentations. The main activity was on Monday (23 August), when we participated in the flight symposium, organised by Anders Hedenström (CAnMove) and Sharon Swartz (Brown University). Highlights today have mainly been the “Movement” symposium with presentations about bat migration in North America and Europe using stable isotope analysis. Ron Larkin, USA, presented echoes from goal tracking radar studies that likely represent migrating bats, while others presentations were about the use of satellite telemetry and GPS loggers on tropical fruit bats. There have also been some talks about the emerging field of bat orientation. The conference has given lots of ideas and inspiration to develop the research on bat migration at Lund. The image shows the speakers at the bat flight symposium, during the post-symposium dinner at Café du Paris in Prague city.

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