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onsdag 3 mars 2010

Winner of Prize for best article in Navigation News during 2009 on how animals navigate

I am happy to forward a recent message from Pinky Grocott, Royal Insitute of Navigation to the CAnMove team.

Pinky wrote:
"The Editor RIN is pleased to announce that Dr Miriam Liedvogel of Lund University, Sweden, has won the prize for the best paper on animal navigation in Navigation News in 2009. Miriam’s paper ‘The Cryptochrome Controversy’, a subject which had generated a lot of heat among biologists over many months on the RIN e-mail animal-forum, explained the inherent issues in terms that would be understood by the many disciplines and by most of the practitioners within the RIN. Miriam will receive £250 cash, one year’s free membership of the RIN and a certificate of the award."

Congratulations Miriam! Very well done!


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