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söndag 26 juli 2009

Light-logger plovers breed successfully

In the previous item we reported on the successful light-logger deployment on little ringed plovers. The last pair was outfitted with loggers while they were still incubating eggs in late June. Upon returning back to Dalby after some time of vacation the breeding site was checked, and we immediately observed the adult birds (easily identified by their colour bands, while the light-loggers are quite hard to observe). The behavior of the adult birds (calling when approaching them and wounded bird display, or rodent run as it is also called) suggested the presence of young. After observing the birds from a distance when they resume undisturbed behavior, the young could be seen feeding when being overlooked by the parents. All four, now more than 10 day old, young could be ringed on the 25 July. On evening of the 26 July the birds could still be heard calling from the Hedenström/Åkesson garden as the plover family resides only about 100 yards away. This observation is encouraging since it shows that light-logger birds apparently are capable of breeding successfully. Now we only have to hope the birds return in 2010 after a successful migration, to where we do not have a clue yet.

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