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tisdag 19 maj 2009

SATO report VII

Georgetown, Ascension Island 2009-05-09

Time to leave Ascension for this time. Field work has gone very well and we now have three out of five turtles on their way migrating to Brazil. Two is still in the waters near to Ascension Island, most probably waiting for another nesting attempt, so their first departure will be expected in two weeks time. We did have a bit of a size variation in the turtles we selected to deploy with transmitters, and the smallest one was the last one to be fitted with a transmitter and had a 109 cm long carapace. The largest ones were 10 cm longer, and had a very impressive size. Ascension Green turtles are the largest of its kind. The tracks are now visible at: seaturtle.org (search under TrackingSATO South Atlantic Turtle Odyssey) and you may sign up to follow the turtles’ migration continuously while the transmitters are still working. Three of the turtles are now far in their migration, while two turtles still remain near the island. Probably these two turtles are re-nesting at least one more time before the migration will start.


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